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Watch winder box. Most people who adore mechanical watch often boast about its elegance, its unparalleled technical intricacy that can’t be valued with a simple matter of how accurate the time being shown by it. But they all deeply know that there is hidden menial task that can’t be avoid when you decided to own or even collect mechanical watches, be it a manual winding one or a self-winding one. Yes the answer is written in the previous sentence already. For manual winding you literally have to always turn the little knob  known as “crown” in a watch, and trust me it feel anything but royal. For those who choose a more “advanced” version of mechanical watch aka the self-winding watch, you need to consistently put it on your wrist. Unfortunately and ironically after you committed to adopt too many watches, you will have some of it abandoned in your drawer, losing kinetic energy and stop ticking.

When you own a luxurious mechanical watch like Rolex, you probably don’t want to keep it in a hidden drawer because that thing is a beauty in your eyes. Luckily you can display your Rolex while maintaining its natural mechanism so it will always be on the right time, not even a second late. You only need to find watch winder for Rolex. A good watch winder for Rolex or for any other brands be it high end or low end should have some basic functions that can’t be ignored. First is the direction of the rotation, does your watch winder for Rolex can turn in multiple direction? Does it need to? Another feature to check is sleeping time. A good watch winder for Rolex usually has sleep time setting to mimic our natural daily cycle that alternate between sleeping and being active. Another thing to check is how your watch winder for Rolex will be powered? Is it by a good old electricity cable or it has battery? Is the battery rechargeable? Please do decent research so you don’t fall into artificial traps when finding your ultimate watch winder for Rolex